Why can’t you talk about your past employers in a negative way during an interview?

One of the common reason of rejection in Interview

There are many reasons why talking poorly about a former employer during a job interview is a bad idea. Here are just a few.

  1. The interviewer wants to hear about why you want to join THIS company. Talking about a former employer’s poor workplace practices just tells the interviewer why you want to join ANY company.
  2. While some workplaces are better than others, most of them contain a lot of common elements. The normal interviewer assumption is that if you didn’t like the last place you worked, you’ll feel the same about the new place. I realize that seems unreasonable, but I can tell you after decades of work in HR: People typically leave their new company for the same reasons they left their last company.
  3. Wait, you say, the last place was particularly bad! Well then, get specific. Don’t say “the last place was really bad” but use one example of a workplace practice that you don’t like. But be careful! You might very well not understand that the thing you didn’t like (They reprimanded me for being late to meetings.) is actually the same at the new company (Sorry, we aren’t going to hire you. We value punctuality and you indicated you have had a problem with that in the past.).
  4. Interviewers have no way to know if a former company was truly bad. But they can spot a complainer, a person that cannot let go of past wrongs, and someone who is unhappy — and why would they want to hire someone like that?

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