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We help job seekers and working professionals to get better employment opportunities and advance their career by assisting them in developing English communication and other career skills.

Your challenge:

English speaking has become an integral part of career growth. You may not get an excellent job opportunity if you do not possess a good command of the English language.

Many times, hiring managers to shortlist candidates having excellent communication skills or you may need to interact with people from different regions, states, or countries to execute your work which requires you to have effective English communication.

Many outstanding professionals are unable to work abroad due to lack of effective communication skills. Many people are unable to grow in their career due to a lack of effective communication skills.

Providing the best Service in Industry.
Our Solution:

Our course offers three primary benefits, namely:

You can speak English fluently by developing effective communication skills;
You can face interviews boldly and make a presentation on stage effortlessly;
You get to accelerate your career growth

Furthermore, you can converse with people comfortably and confidently which enables you to compete in the marketplace and climb the ladder of success.

We customize the course structure after assessing individual strengths and weaknesses to make sure our participants get the best learning experience.

We always strive to make learning an unforgettable experience.

How we are different many students join an English speaking course to excel in their career; however, they revise grammar, tenses, and also try to speak English in a group discussion. As a result, they barely feel any improvement after completing the course and feel disappointed.

A comprehensive English speaking course should help you:

To speak English confidently before a senior, interviewer, or a big crowd.
To improve your email writing skills
To answer interview questions assertively.
To answer interview questions assertively.
To develop your personality
To ensure your career growth.
To become more polished and confident.

Watch the video to find out how we help students to improve command of English and transform their career and personality:

UrCareer is one of the best options to learn English in Gurgaon. You can speak English confidently if you get the right direction and give your best. Here is the link to the article ‘ Top 11 reasons you fail to learn English:

English speaking course– Level I Conceptual clarity to speak and write correct English
Tongue twisters to bring clarity of voice
Practices to develop fluency and bring English on your tongue
Practices for voice modulation
Reciting small stories
Understanding and answering closed-ended questions
Suggested Listening to reduce MTI and to sharpen understanding of the English language
Regular assessments to ensure progress
English speaking course –Level I IConversation practice in English with friends, colleagues, clients and management
Personality and career development sessions
Mock interview sessions
Vocabulary building tips
Public speaking and presentation sessions
E-mail writing tips and awareness of common e-mail mistakes
Use of passive voice and rules of passive voice
Learn to explain your idea, concept or story
Role plays to make you confident and comfortable

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