Courses offered
Englishmate has partnered with Cambridge University Press (UK), the publishing house of the University of Cambridge, to offer world class English Language Programs in India. We offer 3 programs, customized to suit the need of different learners, be it school student or college student, job seeker or working professional, home makers or women on break.

1. Englishmate Standard (2 Months)
Enhance interview and group discussion skills with this comprehensive course. The program aims at preparing learners to apply for a job and to handle personal interviews and group discussions with confidence and ease.

Program aims at helping learners

Improve their basic communication skills
Handle the entire interview process with confidence
Anticipate the questions to be asked in an interview and answer them
Handle stressful interview situations with ease
Express themselves confidently in a group discussion
Get equipped with soft skills for workplace interactions
2. Englishmate Capable (4 Months)
Hone your English language skills and up your employability quotient through this program. At the intermediate level, this course is for people who have some experience with English, and want to improve their general English and develop English language skills for employability and workplace contexts. It will help job seekers and young professionals with the English they need for their workplace and social contexts. This course is structured to improve your overall English competency across the four skills—speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will also develop your ability to use English grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary with confidence and accuracy. The course offers modules to enhance your language skills for facing group discussions and interviews. It also offers inputs to help you communicate effectively at the workplace.

Program aims at helping learners

Polish their communication skills through inputs on listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar
Expand their vocabulary range and improve their pronunciation
Cope with coherent English thereby allowing them to gain confidence in speaking, to have more fluent conversations
Handle with confidence the entire interview process, including group discussion
Effectively express themselves in social or workplace contexts
Get equipped with soft skills for effectual interactions in a variety of contexts
3. Englishmate Advanced (4 Months)
This is an advanced-level course for people who want to augment their English language skills. This course requires you to have experience with English and a variety of contexts. It covers all the four skills that non-native English-speaking students need to be successful. It is designed to challenge students with intermediate and above language skills to hone and strengthen their ability. This course with integrated skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, also covers grammar, pronunciation and punctuation. It provides multiple opportunities to learners to expand their vocabulary. It focuses on practical, effective and natural communication and helps refine your ability to use language in a variety of real-life contexts. Extensive and intensive learning and practice allows learners to be immersed in the language environment and up their ability and confidence to function in communication scenarios without any help.

Program aims at helping learners

Refine their communication abilities through inputs on all skills and sub-skills of the language
Gain confidence in communicating easily and effectively on a variety of topics in diverse contexts: social and professional
Be able to navigate through unstructured conversations by using personal knowledge and opinions
Appreciate how to acquire and develop language skills and other knowledge in and through English
Custom Program
Learners can also opt to take custom batch for more personalized attention. These are available for English Capable and Englishmate Advanced courses.

These batches will have a maximum of 3 students
Classes will be held during weekdays, morning or evening slots
It will be a 24-hour batch or 2 months, whichever is first

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