ACL lets you choose from the following three modules which are designed for students belonging to 3 different categories.

The course modules are interspersed with a plethora of value added courses, a few being:

Workshops on personality development by visiting faculty from renowned institutes and organizations.
Table manners classes conducted by hotel management professors.
Workshops on communication skills by I.I.M professors.
Workshops on personal space management and body language by veteran theatre personalities.
What does the American Center for Languages bring to you?Reading, listening, writing and speaking skills are sharpened.
The student can now move with ease through different social echelons.
He can confidently take on the corporate world
He can address the nation with panache.
He can give superb presentations.
No longer daunted by interviews and group discussions
Can confidently face call center interviews and the BPO’S

English learning courses for beginners Module I

English courses for moderate learners Module II

English courses for advanced learners Module III


Module 1

IntroductionThis module aims to remove grammatical errors so as to enable the students to speak simple and correct English. It concentrates on the main parts of the language: Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation.

Suitable for : Beginners
Summary of Modules coveredThis course prepares the students for greater challenges and sharpens their language skills.
Student learns to construct impressive sentences. Their fluency increases and comprehension improves.

GrammarThe course begins with helping the student in clearing basic grammar problems. Alongwith this, essential grammar needed for spoken English is taught and tenses are made student friendly through the innovative use of boxes.

ConversationGrammar is put in practical use through one to one picture reading conversation, basic translations, prepared topics and situational topics.

VocabularyWhen the students are in-tune with the basic grammar and conversational techniques their vocabulary is built.

This is done by:Easy, situation related vocabulary .
Oral as well as written practice is given of grammar based vocabulary words.
Vocabulary is memorized through games and quiz.

PronunciationNow the student is ready to move on a step further. This part of the course helps the student work on his pronunciation. For any person who is not a native English speaker it is important to learn the nuances of spoken English.
For this our specialized trainers use the following:

Audio + video classes.
Specialized software to help bring speech perfection.

At the end of the course students start expressing themselves in correct and simple sentences. They are more confident and do not shy from talking in English.

Module 2

IntroductionThis is a step further from the module 1 and in this course the student is able to enhance his knowledge of English both spoken as well as written.

Suitable for : Moderate speakers
Summary of Modules coveredThis course covers various aspects of English for beginners who want to brush up their knowledge and need to get some of their basics cleared.
The focus is on building grammar ,vocabulary , pronunciation and conversation skills of the student which helps him become more confident.

GrammarThe students will now move into advanced levels of grammar which will be overtly functional.
Supervised conversation lessons to put grammar in practice.
To revise and make grammar fun, games and “grammar gymnastics” used.
IDIOMS, PHRASES, MODEL SENTENCES + EXPRESSIONS form an important part of the classroom session.

ConversationConversation skills are enhanced through group discussions, presentations, and story narrations.
Fluency building techniques are introduced.
Public speaking is encouraged so that each student is able to gain confidence to speak in the language.
Grilling sessions are made compulsory

VocabularyVocabulary building is functional yet more advanced and lengthy.
Games and vocabulary drill sessions are introduced.
Memory aids are taught to help retain vocabulary that is enhanced in these sessions.

PronunciationPronunciation and intonation drills are introduced alongwith voice and accent training.
Elocutions, column reading and drama presentations are added.

At the end of this course you become a more confident and fluent speaker of English and are more familiar with the nuances of the language.

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