Scope of Digital Marketing in Gurgaon & Delhi And Average salary package.

Presently, there is a huge scope for digital marketers in Delhi as businesses have realized the importance as well as benefits of Digital Marketing. And they are in need of trained Digital marketing professionals to maximize their profits and ROI.

Moreover, the city is home for several Digital Marketing Agencies, Hotels,  Restaurants, Coaching Institutes, Gym, Salons and food ventures that are upgrading themselves and shifting their focus from traditional to digital media

The skills like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Search Engine Advertising, Email Marketing, etc are in great demand. And you will find numerous job openings matching with your profile if you have these skills.

Nowadays, the scope of Digital marketing is really at a peak in Delhi. The current job market in Delhi is flooding with numerous job and career opportunities.

There are 1,42027 private Companies500+ digital marketing agencies100+ travel agencies100+ top-rated hotels & restaurants located in Delhi NCR.

Moreover, according to the data by Tracxn Technologies, Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) has the highest number of start-ups which is 8,772.

And these organizations regardless of their sizes have started keeping bigger budgets for digital marketing. So, certainly, there will be loads of opportunities for digital marketers in Delhi with great salary packages.

Moreover, the scope and opportunities in the digital domain are limitless, with diverse domains such as SEO, Social Media, Search Marketing, Content Marketing and many more.


We all know that the digital marketing industry is expanding like anything. The field is appearing as a booming career option for individuals with numerous opportunities.

If you are already a part of this domain then you certainly know the benefits and agree with my thoughts. However, if you are new to this industry then you have definitely made the right career choice.

Digital marketing has become the backbone of the business. About 85% of industries required digital marketing skills.

Here we will talk about the highly-paid digital marketing jobs in Delhi. So, let’s get started.


Content Marketing ranks in the first position on the list of highly paid digital marketing jobs in India.

Presently, content plays a major role in the digital marketing field as every industry needs good content for their business. Well-written, unique, audience-friendly and highly-engaging content is what every organization search for.

Companies that are using content marketing usually received 6 times higher conversion rate as compared to others. It is actually a tried and tested strategy to boost sales and maximize ROI.

As a content marketer, you need to target a specific group/audience for better outcomes.


  • Generating valuable as well as informative content
  • Find and improve the important piece of content
  • Ensure your content is helpful for the readers
  • Creating high-quality content for websites to draw a huge amount of traffic

Available Jobs Profiles: 

  • SEO Content Writer
  • E-commerce Content Writer
  • Web Copywriter
  • Content Marketing Consultant/ Specialist

Salary range:

A content marketer salary starts from Rs. 3,50,000 even for the beginner level positions, and goes up to Rs. 12,00,000 after 5-6 years of experience.



Organic rankings are really important for a business. The search engine algorithms are evolving and constantly upgrading with time. To stay ahead of competitors, businesses require SEO specialists.

However, the job of an SEO specialist is not easy. You need to keep up with all the latest updates and developments in the field.


  • Improve Website Traffic
  • Improve website ranking on particular keywords
  • Ensure that website designs are user-friendly
  • Taking every possible step to get a massive rate of organic traffic.
  • Optimization of web pages for better conversation rates

Available Jobs Profiles: 

  • SEO Intern
  • SEO & Webmaster
  • Link Building Expert
  • SEO Executive
  • SEO Specialist/ Consultant

Salary Range:

The average salary range of an SEO specialist in India is Rs. 4,50,000 – 6,00,000. Furthermore, an SEO expert with 8+ years of experience can earn in the range of Rs. 9,50,000 to 15,00,000.



According to a recent study, Email marketing provides the highest Return on Investment. It has the power to convert your audience into your customer.

If you think that Email Marketing is dead, then you are absolutely wrong. Email Marketing is alive. And it’s really important for you to know that it’s an essential part of digital marketing.

Email Marketing plays a vital role in brand building. There are several businesses which totally depend on email marketing.


  • Crafting engaging email campaigns
  • Making sure the emails are mobile-friendly
  • Ensuring that the emails don’t have any grammatical mistakes
  • Planning and designing various email templates

Available Job Profiles: 

  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Email Campaign Specialist
  • and, Email Marketing Executive

Salary range :

The entry-level salary for email marketer begins from Rs. 2,80,000 to Rs. 5,00,000. Moreover, It can be up to Rs. 10,00,000 depending on the experience.



Apart from being an entertainment source, Social Media is one of the best ways to earn money. Organizations are using social networking platforms for reaching out to their customers to double their profits.

The social media specialist job role is divided into two parts.

  1. Social media Optimization: Expand the content through social media platforms.
  2. Social Media Marketing: Run paid Ads


  • Sharing related and valuable contents on various social media sites
  • Build significant connections and communities
  • Managing various social media platforms
  • Encouraging existing users to take action

Available Jobs Profiles: 

  • Social Media Intern
  • Social Media Moderator/ Executive
  • and, Social Media Specialist/Consultant/Community Manager

Salary Range:

The average pay scale of a social media manager ranges from 480,000  to 12,00,000 rupees annually depending on the experience and type of the organization.


5# Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Jobs

Search Engine Marketing is a paid type of marketing. It’s an imperative part of digital marketing that deals with advertising a website/Product/Service in search engine through paid advertising.

Available Jobs Profiles: 

  • SEM specialist
  • SEM Expert
  • Ad manager

Salary range:

The average salary for Search Engine Marketers is 468,000 to 12,00,000


6# Analytics & Optimization Jobs

Analysis and optimization is a constant process which involves obtaining the audience data associated to your business and customize your business website accordingly.

Analyzation of consumer behaviors & creating custom reports correlated to the business goals is the major task of an analyst.

Available Jobs Profiles: 

  • Web Analyst
  • CRO Specialist
  • Digital Analytics Specialist- Mobile, Web, Email, Social Analytics

Salary range :

The salary range of an analyst starts at Rs. 3,00,000 and can go up to Rs. 15,00,000 as per the experience.



So, these are the highest-paying digital marketing jobs in Gurgaon and Delhi. The Field has endless opportunities with numerous options. Here we have discussed only a few of them.

And if you are still thinking whether digital marketing is big or not… Think again!


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